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Why Am I Doing This?

Hi, I’m Kristy Boyd Johnson. Maybe you’re wondering why I do this. Honestly, when I was a special education teacher, I found I had a knack for making a tough subject easier for my students. My absolute favorite thing
was to see someone’s face light up and to hear them say, “I get it!” and then to watch them go forward with confidence and enthusiasm.

While I was teaching, I was also writing books (my own and ghosting for clients) which honed my skills as a writer. Although there is quite a steep learning curve when it comes to tackling a book, the fact is that writing is a learnable skill, and one that is SO worth doing.

Although I have ghostwritten over 25 books for entrepreneurs just like you, what I really want to do is help people “get it.” So, I decided to combine my two loves of writing and teaching and create a program like no

And the best part? When someone finds their authentic voice and it all starts to click in, well, that’s just pure magic.


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