What if you could:

  • Discover the BIG SECRET to cut your writing time in half and eliminate
  • Learn the #1 book-killing mistake… and turn it into gold
  • Blow up the “I’m not a writer” lie and other blocks that stop you from
    writing your book…
  • Find an easily reproducible system – learn it once and use it forever…
  •  Benefit from expert guidance along the way so you avoid the blunders
    and pitfalls that cause books to flop…
  • Do all this in easy-to-manage baby steps that don’t overwhelm you!


As an entrepreneur, writing a book is the best thing you can do for your business. It raises your status, and authority, and makes it much easier for people all over the world to find you.

Now is the time to get that raw idea bopping around in your head and turn it into a book – a real thing that people can hold and read and adore.

The fact is: YOU are the absolute best person to write your Expert Book and bring your vision to life.

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"I hired Kristy to be a professional editor for my fictional novel that had stalled. She turned out to be my writing coach, advisor, editor, and friend. She took an untrained writer and a very rough first draft and turned us into a polished and professional final product. Her patience, demeanor, and friendship were integral in my success and I look forward to working with her on novel #2."

Matthew Gutchess
Catching the Drift

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